Uwe Cornelius Lengen
Hotelier, Maitre D' , Chef de Cuisine,

*February 25, 1941 in Uelsen, County of Bentheim, Germany






   Primary School,
  High School,
  Gastronomic Apprenticeship,
  Technical College for Food & Beverage,
  Technical College for Hotel Management,
  Maitre D' Graduate School,
  Educational courses with concentration on Jewish Theology,
       University of Kassel
  German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch
  Professional, European trained waiter
  Hotelier, national and international,
        including Paris and Amsterdam among others
  Hotel innkeeper
  Hotelier and Restaurateur, continuously self-employed since 1964
  Actor in television commercials pertaining to gastronomy
  European respresentative an coordinator for AIT, 
       an American tour operator (Angersbach International Tours, Inc., New
  Jersey, USA)
  Domestic and International Trade Fair presentations
       pertaining to gastronomy
  Estate and real estate management
  Chairperson for educational seminars
        pertaining to advancement in the field of hotel and gastronomy
  Achievement Awards:
  Golden Pin Award from the Union International de Geneve,
       Paris Chapter
  Golden Awards from the Hotel and Restaurant Association,
       City of Kassel Chapter
  Golden Pin Award from the Association of German Chefs
  Golden Pin Award from the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Germany,
       State of Hesse Chapter
  Golden Honorary Pin with diamond from the
       International Geneva Association of Hotel and Restaurant members
  Silver Honorary Plaque from the Brillat-Savarin Foundation, Germany
  Honorary Positions:
  Chief examiner with the IHK (Chamber of Commerce) in Kassel
  President of the IGV,
       International Geneva Hotel and Restaurant Association, Germany
 Chapter, Inc.
  Board member of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association,
       State and City Chapter Kassel
  Honorary Judge at the industrial Tribunal (Labor Court) in Kassel
  Honorary Judge at the Social Welfare Court in Kassel
  International Geneva Hotel and Restaurant Association, Inc. (IGA)
  German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA)
  Association of the Chefs of Germany (VKD)
  Brillat-Savarin Foundation
  Wine Academy Schwalm-Eder region
  Chamber of Commerce Kassel (IHK)
  College and University Association Kassel (Kasseler Hochschulbund)
  German Legal Association, Inc. (Deutscher Juristentag e.V.)
  Jewish Congregation Emet-we-Schalom, Gudensberg